The best English medium school in Dhaka

Some reputed English medium schools in Dhaka :

  1. ACADEMIA: ACADEMIA was established in Dhaka in 2002. ACADEMIA is an English Medium School which offers education from Playgroup to A’ Levels. ACADEMIA follows the Edexcel & Cambridge curriculum.
  2. Scholastica: Scholastica is one of the largest and most renowned English medium schools in Bangladesh, offering education from pre-school to A levels.
  3. International School Dhaka (ISD): ISD is a well-established institution known for its international curriculum and high academic standards.
  4. Sunbeams School: Sunbeams is a prominent school offering English medium education and is known for its rigorous academic programs.
  5. Maple Leaf International School: Maple Leaf is recognized for its commitment to providing a global standard of education and has multiple campuses in Dhaka.

Top 5 Einglish medium School in Dhaka

  1. Academia
  2. Scholastica
  3. Mastermind
  4. Sunbeams
  5. Maple Leaf