Why Study in Academia?

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  • Activity Based Learnin and Interctive Classroom, Extra-Curricular Activities includin theatre, music, art, sports, dance, debate, Math olympiad, Science fair, mock cabinet, spelling bee and material arts.
  • Effective Parent-Teacher partnership.
  • Well equipped computer, physics, chemistry labs and libraries.
  • Information and Communication Technology Programmes.
  • House System, Clubs and Society.
  • Focus on Character Education initiatives, 21 Century skills.
  • Ensures Best Grades in IGCE & A-Level exams.
  • British Council and Edexcel approved registration and examination Centre.
  • Class tests and Homework checking on regular basis.
  • Special Counseling for weak students.

Mrs. Sarwat Zeb (Principal)

Academia is maturing every year. Every academia year had been a notable one for Academia in many respects. In the academic field the students have maintained their high standards and have continued to be recognized as high achievers. Students who sit for O’Level and A’Level exams had been making ACADEMIA proud by their brilliant performance, as always. Many of them got The Daily Star Award and Edexcel High Achiever’s Award in recognition of their Excellence…..

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Edexcel High Achievers’ Award & Daily Star Award

Students of O’Level/IGCSE and A’Level/IAL are awarded for their brilliant results in Edexcel High Achievers’ Award Ceremony (arranged by the British Council) & Daily Star Award Ceremony (arranged by the Daily Star). They get medals and certificates. These days are really remarkable and auspicious in the life of every awardee. Academia honours these brilliant Students of O’Level/IGCSE and A’Level/IAL in the Academia High Achievers’ Award Ceremony.

School Debate

Academia Debate Club has distinguished itself as the club to beat through its accolades this past year. From hosting national level tournaments to winning them, even sending 2 of its very own best debaters to represent the country on an international stage, i.e Worlds Debating Championship held in Singapore & Bali. One team of Academian debaters also participated in a debate competition held in Malayasia & won Runners-up Trophy. Academia hosted last year’s Pre World Schools Debate Championship, This large-scale tournament of over 60 teams was organized and run by ADC with the help of our moderator and Vice-Principal Raunaque Alamgir and our school’s Director Kutub Uddin. Academia Debating Club (ADC) arranges Intra School Debating Competition for students from all the campuses of Academia. Students participate with great zeal and enthusiasm in such events. The debaters ultimately gain valuable leadership, public speaking, and networking skills from debating.