Monthly Tuition Fees for the Session 2021-2022


Monthly Tuition Fee

Play Group Tk. 8,000
Nursery Tk. 8,100
KG-I Tk. 8,300
KG-II Tk. 8,500
STD – I Tk. 8,700
STD – II Tk. 8,900
STD – III Tk. 9,100
STD – IV Tk. 9,200
STD – V Tk. 9,400
STD – VI Tk. 9,500
STD – VII Tk. 9,600
STD – VIII (IGCSE / O-Level) Tk. 9,700
STD – IX (IGCSE / O-Level) Tk. 9,700
STD – X (IGCSE / O-Level) Tk. 9,700
Eleven (IAL / AS-Level) Tk. 9,800
Twelve (IAL / A-Level) Tk. 9,800

NB: Admission Fee: Please talk to the Admin Office.

The scholarship is available for Class XI and XII for those who are extraordinary

You are requested to pay your child’s advance Tuition fees within the 15th of each month

Otherwise Late fee:- Calendar month Tk.200 and Next month Tk.500.

Dishonoured cheque fine @ TK.1000

Monthly Tuition fees & Transport charge are payable two months at a time in advance

Transport Charge

Up to 2 km. Tk.4500 (monthly)

Above 2km. Tk.5500 (monthly)