Examination Centre for EDEXCEL Examination: ACADEMIA building have been the Examination Centre for Edexcel examination (O’Level & A’Level) for students registered through ACADEMIA, since May/June, 2009.

1 Purpose-built six-storied buildings in Lalmatia, Gulshan, Uttara and Mirpur with lifts and stand by generator facilities, well-equipped, furnished and air-conditioned classrooms.
2 Play Group to Class III Classes are also accommodated in a separate building on a plot in Road # 9/A in Dhanmondi, with a large lawn where the children can run around more freely. Of course playing equipments like slides, monkey bars, swings etc. have been provided. 
3 Well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer labs are well lighted and ventilated.
4 Library is well stocked with a rich collection of books & journals and has adequate reading area for a large number of students.
5 Auditorium, with large area for multipurpose use.
6 Indoor and outdoor games facilities are available.
7 Generators, have been installed, for emergency power supply. 
8 Transport, available for limited number of students and in limited routes. 
9 Audio-visual educational aids are provided for Play Group to K.G-II students. 
10 Multimedia instruction facilities, are to be installed (for which arrangements are on the way).

Examination Centre for EDEXCEL Examination:

ACADEMIA building has been the Examination Centre for Edexcel eaamination (O’Level & A’ Level) for students registered through ACADEMIA, SINCE May/June, 2009.

Additional Facilities for the students:

ACADEMIA Student Development Programme (ASDP)- FREE teaching for O’level in the afternoon ( 4pm to 9pm)

  1. Teaching of Family Values and Morality.
  2. Student coundelling.
  3.  Free foreign higher education consultancy.
  4.  Swimming instruction for the junior students at our own swimming pool.

Parents participation:

  1. “Better education Ensured by Parents ( BEEP)-A forum of Parents, Management and teachers for development and monitoring of students” performance/progress.
  2. Home study monitoring.
  3. Monitoring of Interactive Learning.

Faculty’s self Improvement & guidance programme:

  1. Regular performance evaluation and monitoring of Teachers.
  2. Biweekly workshop of faculty members to enhance their performance.
  3. Home study monitoring.
  4. Guidance for various student’s bodies.

Students’ Interactive Learning Programme under LEAD ( Leaders, Enterpreneurs & Achievers Den) ACADEMIA Youth:

  • Debating Club
  • Math Olympiad and IQ Test
  • Bangla Club
  • Economic Forum
  • Biology Club
  • Physics Club
  • Chemistry Club
  • ICT Club
  • Sports Club
  • Mock Cabinet
  • “Educate one” movement
    • Green Bangladesh
    • Health Club
    • Music Club
    • Student Apprentice Teachers Programme
    • ACSC (Academia Community Service Club)
    • ACADEMIA Self classroom cleaning programme by students
    • “ACADEMIA News letter” with Students participation.
    • Discipline monitoring committee-involving students.
    • Spelling Bee