Welcome to Academia

 Education is the most precious thing that a child can be given. It is a wealth which can neither be stolen nor destroyed. Education defines a person who he/she is going to be, what he/she is going to be and how he/she is going live his/her life. Therefore from the very base the children are prepared in Academia.

Our commitment to our students.

Academia is a learning hub characterized by intellectual challenge and academic experience. You will get where you want to be by being a scholar of Academia. Students can map their own career with the help of our advisors, teachers and counselors. Our reputation as a premier English medium institution attracts student from far and wide Academia is a catalyst for the professional intellectual and personal growth. Through various clubs and organizations in Academia the students master critical thinking and skills to solve their problems. Rising to the challenge of this challenging world Academia has ventured in transition to enable students to face the world at large. Student satisfaction at Academia is a resounding experience. It offers rigorous approach to learning with an emphasis on extra ordinary opportunities to take part in different fields of study. Academia students are motivated to apply their knowledge to the challenges and ventures of the real world. Scholarships for exceptionally high achievers are given at Academia. Academia unlocks the potential to make a difference in the world.

 Education beyond the Classroom.

Clubs and organizations run by the students. Other cultural, academia and extra-curricular activities shape up the life of the students. Recreations like, excursions, study tours, picnics are a common affair with Academia. Academia offers a lively and supportive hand in building up the career from the very early stage of life. It as been providing quality education for more than a decade. The school has provided doctors, engineers and top rankers in the society Academians are scattered all around the globe. It is a home for expanding opportunities for global careers. It bridges Students to some of the world’s best Universities. Academia has been an institution where students become self-confident, inquiring tolerant and can stand up for themselves.

Examination Centre for EDEXCEL Examination: ACADEMIA building has been the Examination Centre for Edexcel examination (O’Level & A’Level) for students registered  through ACADEMIA, since  May/June, 2009. Presently we have campuses in Lalmatia, Dhanmondi, Mirpur.

 New additional Campuses in future, at:

  1. Boshila, Mohammadpur
  2. Green Model Town, Motijheel
  3. New Vision Eco City, Keraniganj


Additional Facilities for the students:

ACADEMIA Student Development Programme (ASDP) – FREE teaching for O’ level in the afternoon (4 pm to 9 pm). Teaching of Family Values & Morality Student counselling. Free foreign higher education consultancy. Swimming instruction for the junior students at our own swiming pool. Parents participations:

“Better Education Ensured by Parents (BEEP)- A forum of Parents, Management & teachers for development & monitoring of students’ performance/progress. Home study monitoring. Monitoring of Interactive Learning Faculty’s self Improvement & guidance programme: Regular performance evaluation & monitoring of Teachers. Biweekly workshop of faculty members to enhance their performance. Home study monitoring. Guidance for various students’ bodies.

Students’Interactive Learning Programme under LEAD (Leaders, Enterpreneurs & Achievers Den), ACADEMIA Youth:

  1. Debating Club
  2. Bangla Club
  3.  Biology Club
  4. Chemistry Club
  5. Sports Club
  6. Math Olympiad & IQ Test
  7. Economic Forum
  8. Physics Club
  9. ICT Club
  10. Mock Cabinet
  11. “Educate one” movement.
  12. Green Bangladesh
  13. Student Apprentice Teachers Programme
  14. ACSC (Academia Community Service Club)
  15. ACADEMIA Self classroom cleaning programme by students
  16. “ACADEMIA Newsletter” with Students participation.
  17. Discipline

Daily Star Awardees:

Year 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
No. of Awardees 33 23 31 42 28 43 48 51 56 96


Edexcel Highest Achievers (min 4 As in A-level & min 8 As in O-level)

Year 2013 2014
No. of Awardees 15 29


World Highest Students of Academia in 2014

  1. Shaha Rakesh Nishan
  2. Shaiokh Bin Abi
  3. Md Najib Murshed
  4. Mehreen Khair
  5. Fahim bin-Afzal al-Ashrafi
  6. Ridwan abrar
  7. Sakib Ahmed
  8. Sheikh Shifat Alam Shipul
  9. Redwan Abrar


Why A’ Levels in Academia

  • Excellent care taken by efficient teachers.
  • Regular classes held.
  • Regular tests taken.
  • Extra facilities given for high grade achievers.
  • There is Lab facility.
  • Helps in getting admitted in good universities at home & abroad.
  • Extra care taken for weak students.
  • There is interactive relationship between teacher and students.
  • Guardians are well informed about their wards.
  • Gives hopes for a bright future.
  • Gives hopes for a bright future.
  • Regular attendance in class guarantees the bright future.
  • No scope to bunk classes.

Why academia?

  • A Global School.
  • Edexcel syllabus followed.
  • Centre for Edexcel Exam.
  • Development of English skills.
  • Training for Teachers.
  • Transport Available.
  • Teachers are well educated.
  • Elevators for all floors.
  • Well-equipped …………
  • Two large auditoriums.
  • Debate held regularly.
  • Spelling Bee practice done.
  • Indoor & outdoor games.
  • A Big Library with rich collection of books.
  • Academia at 9/A Dhanmondi has a big field.
  • After school teaching.
  • Easy English Training for guardians.
  • No power disturbance..


Academia is a recognised School. It is designed to prepare students for a better future. The students here have the flexibility of choosing their subjects according to their proposed career. Academia proudes adequate scope for honing the skills and knowledge. It has a rich learning environment where the choices and challenges are for the students the family of Academia compresing of director teachers, advisor and staffs is always ready to help the students to map their own adventure.

Academia is an international English Medium School, which challenges the students to engage with learning the subjects meaningfully. The faculty members of Academia care deeply for the students and are well versed in their field. We are giving facilities to the students by providing an easy access to the O’ and A level exams in our campus. Academia has become a part of our friendly, supported community.

Academia- A gateway to learning

Academia provides a rich learning environment It helps a student to map his/her own adventure Being committed to academic excellence, the students are benefitted from the quality of education given Academia treats the intellectual, personal and professional growth of the students. All the students of academic rock star in Academia. It is undoubtedly a second home for the students.


ACADEMIA, the school of excellence

ACADEMIA, the name itself tells about the academic excellence of our school.

The most important concern of the parents is the education of their children. In Dhaka there are a number of English medium schools, but only a few of them prepare students from playgroup to Edexcel IGCSE O’level. The choice of one school which will cater to the academic needs of a child is ACADEMIA. It offers a very congenial atmosphere for all round growth of the children up to A’levels. ACADEMIA admits students from different backgrounds – both social and educational. It is the policy of school to integrate the students into a homogenous group as soon as practicable so that the scholastic program progresses smoothly. ACADEMIA is recognized as one of the best institutions where quality education is imparted to all levels. This is evident from the number of students getting the “daily star” awards each year on the basis of IGCSE O’level and GCE A’level results. A lot of students have gone for higher studies in reputed institutions at home and abroad.

ACADEMIA meets the educational and developmental needs of the students.



YEAR “O” level “A” level
June 2004-June 2005  10 awardees 23 awardees
June 2005-June 2006 07 awardees 16 awardees
June 2006-June 2007 10 awardees 21 awardees
June 2007-June 2008 16 awardees 26 awardees
June 2008-June 2009 14 awardeSes 14 awardees
June 2009-June 2010 29 awardees 14 awardees
June 2010-June 2011 39 awardees 09 awardees


Aims and objectives

The idea behind setting up ACADEMIA is to provide quality ACADEMIA programs in English medium leading to IGCSE O’level and GCE A’level examinations and also to foster social development and cultural awareness among the students.

Sports and ECA classes:

Sports, Picnic, Debate and other extra curriculum activities make ACADEMIA the most progressive and prosperous school in the town.


Teaching faculty

The teachers of ACADEMIA have considerable experience in teaching O’level and A’level students.
In addition to this, sponsors are from reputed sectors of the society.
Our results speak of excellence of ACADEMIA feat of school.

The school follows the EDEXCEL curriculum.

Regular classes are held from playground to A’level.


A six storied building to serve the purpose has been built with facilities well furnished air conditioned rooms. Well-equipped physics, chemistry, biology and computer labs help to facilitate learning.
Examination venue

ACADEMIA building has been the Examination centre for EDEXCEL exams (O’level and A’level) for students who are regular and have registered under ACADEMIA since 2009.
Activities of ACADEMIA

Along with giving the academic values Academia has ventured for providing Extra Curricular activities to the students. Every Year our students have excelled in different fields of knowledge.

Academia has regularly organized Maths Olympiad, Science Fair, Ekushay Programme, Pahela Baishakh Programme, Debate fests, the most attractive pursuit is giving free training to teachers of Academia, as well as unemployed graduates from outside. Academia has not fallen back from organazing Sports, Picnics, educational exercises, study tour and field trips. Talented students are honoured by giving a waiver. Award ceremony is held every year for the high achievers.


Academia, a school of excellence showed its worth with the help of its students and teachers. These long fifteen years of academia has made the foothold firm by gripping the best in its way to progress.

The results of the IGCSE Levels and IAL Level are outstanding dwith students achieving the world highest and country highest during the 15 years journey Academia has got a lot of feathers in its cap.

The faculty of all the five campuses are well experienced, intelligent and always upfront.

Academia is progressing by leaps and bounds and we pray to the Almighty  to make it the most shining star in the …………………….. of education.


Mission of Academia


“We are the Trend setters” the mission of Academia is to impart valuable education and acquaint the students with the right track of knowledge. Knowledge is earned for one’s own sake. We are here to produce efficient learners in their selected fields.

Academia aims to make the student’s self-dependent, observant, socially responsible.



Academia endeavors to offer good education with faculty consisting of highly dignified personalities the fully equipped academic.

Programmers with qualified teachers and staffs makes Academia reach it’s zenith.


Vision statement:

Academia has evolved rapidly, facing different challenges in the fields of education, culture, co-curricular activities, etc.

Academia hopes to become a sophisticated institute imparting education to its highest levels.

The foresightedness of Academia will reach the global education preparing students in a transnational world.


Main Campus
House # 6/10, Block # F, Lalmatia (on satmasjid road)
Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.
Hotline: 01678308585, 01621444111

Dhanmondi Campus
House # 33, Road # 9/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka – 1209.
Phone: 01678308574

Mirpur Campus
House – 28, Road – 2, Block – B, Mirpur Housing Estate,
Mirpur – 12, Dhaka – 1216.
Mobile: 01678308578

Uttara Campus
House – 88, Gausul Azam Avenue,
Sector – 13, Uttara, Dhaka – 1230.
Phone: 01678308560, 01621444999 (Admin. Office)

Gulshan Campus
House – 23, 113 Bir Uttam H.M.A Gaffar Road,
Gulshan – 2, Dhaka.
Phone: 01678308565, 01678308567 (Admin. Office)


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AcademiaSchool2002/